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Welcome to the Register Website
This is a voluntary Register for graduates and clinical staff of Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy.   Registration requires the individual to carry appropriate insurance cover, commit to on-going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and also adhere to a practitioner’s Code of Practice. In the case of established practitioners the initial application to join the Register has also demanded the presentation of written references from satisfied McTimoney-Corley clients.  Being entirely voluntary, such Registration clearly demonstrates a practitioner’s commitment to providing a high standard of professional service to their clients and their animals. The information relating to some Registrants is yet to be published on the ‘Practitioner Search’ section of this website. Please do check again if there is currently no practitioner shown in your immediate locality.  Please be aware – there are now some people claiming to be McTimoney-Corley animal practitioners who have not received the comprehensive education provided by Oxford College of Equine Physical Therapy (or the former Oxford College of Chiropractic). The OCEPT Register of McTimoney-Corley Graduates is unique in that it only accommodates those who have successfully completed the OCEPT educational programme, and have hence been taught first-hand by a UK-registered Chiropractor together with other appropriately qualified and experienced College staff members.
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